Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Glenmorangie – 10 yr Original


Glenmorangie has the widest variety of bottlings I’ve seen at the LCBO.  If there’s a cask out there, they’ve matured a single malt in it.  In my search for a replacement to the Balvenie, I ventured far afield to The Greater New Liskeard Area and picked up the only bottle under $80 that wasn’t Livet or Fiddich.  The Original Glenmorangie was a $65 bottle from the Highland region.  I usually stay away from Glenmorangie.  Their variety of offerings puts me off for some reason.  It’s like they are trying too hard.  Yah, I know, I have issues.

So anyways this is my bottle for the week.  Taking the bottle out of the box, the first thing you notice is the extremely light colouring.  This made me pause but the nose was inviting so over the rocks she goes! 

I should say that I like my single malts on ice.  This is heresy to the elitists but the swing in flavours from “full on” to “smooth as butter” as the ice melts gives a full range of emotion in each glass.  Boojah!

But back to the bottle.  The intial taste was light but intriguing.  I waited for the wash of after-taste and I got…nothing.  Seriously.  Nothing.  It was like I had just taken a swig of spring water.  Ug.  The only thing worse than being offensive is not taking any stand at all.  I’m working my way through it but each glass is the same.  Effective at relieving stress but no enjoyment in the flavour.  This is one malt where I would agree with the elitists and forego the ice.  There’s so little character here that you don’t want anything to dull it.

Vapour.  3 shots.

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