Monday, 29 June 2009

The Balvenie – 12 year old Signature


So, here’s the supposed replacement for my dearly departed Balvenie 10.  Still not available at my local LCBO but I did find it at the Huntsville outlet.  First off, it’s 10 bucks more expensive than the outgoing 10 year old.  This is not a replacement, it’s an up-sell.  In the last 2 years I’ve seen several solid, dependable malts creep up in price but at least they are offering a longer aged product with this price increase.  So I gave it a go, knowing that at $74 it will never be a weekly purchase like its predecessor was.

The aroma is unobtrusive, meaning not much to comment on.  There’s hints of the honey from the 10 year but it definitely doesn’t stand out.  The taste is smooth and, surprisingly, less bold than the 10 year.  Older bottlings tend to absorb more of the cask flavours but this seems to have done the opposite.  The highlight of this scotch is the after taste.  It lingers and eventually brings back those honey tones I miss so much.

Make no mistake, this is a great bottle and I really enjoyed the drink.  But.  The value and flavour of it’s less refined ancestor make this a poor successor.  On its own I would have given it 4 shots but knowing where and how it came into existence….

I liked your younger sister better.  3 shots.

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