Monday, 1 June 2009

Baggin it


Don’t get me wrong.  I really do like the environment.  But this latest hippie craze of bringing your own bags to the grocery store is driving me up the wall.  I resisted for a couple weeks but finally gave in and bought three of these stupid bags.  I immediately left one in the shopping cart at the store.  I tried leaving the remaining two in my car so I wouldn’t forget them but that only works if you remember to bring them back out to the car after you bring the groceries in.  So now the cats have taken to sleeping on/in them and I can’t bring them to the store again because they are covered in cat hair.  I figure what’s the big deal?  I’ll pay the nickel or quarter for the plastic bags.  Wasn’t prepared for the attitude though.  I pulled up with my 8 items or less and the cashier snaps “Did you remember your bags?”.  As a matter of fact, no, no I did not remember my fucking bags.  How about you just suck it up, charge me the nickel, and spare me the fucking attitude.  It seemed I had seriously messed up her day by not buying into this craze.  Now I’m determined never to use those bags again.

I thought we were doing alright.  There were those recycling spots for old grocery bags.  Aren’t these new bags made from recycled grocery bags?  What was the problem with recycling?  And I live in Northern Ontario.  We’re not exactly running out of room for landfill expansion.  Anyways, you want to charge for plastic bags?  Fine, just let me make that choice on my own and leave me the hell alone.

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