Saturday, 30 May 2009


wall-e-human Yah, so I'm warming up to the weekend, getting ready to kick it all off with some boat shopping.  Of course, I can't just go from zero to 60 right away, so I'm easing into it, sitting in my recliner, netbook perched on my gut as I'm checking the goings-on of the world, researching boats, and drinking my coffee.  In the background, Wall-E provides some pretty colors and random noises on the TV.  At one point I look up and see that we're at the point of Wall-E where we get to see the future humans and the disgusting way they live their lives.  This hit WAY too close to home.  I get it Pixar!  I need to get off my ass!  Assholes.


Anyways, it was an effective motivator and out the door I went.  It was a frustrating day.  Didn't get a boat and didn't get my golf game in due to rain.  So I get home and start watching The Big Lebowski to kill some time before the hockey game starts.  Up pops this scene with The Dude getting a swirley from the rug pissers.  As he explains that they've got the wrong Lebowski, he points out he's obviously not married cause the toilet seat is up.  As he points that out, he flips the seat down and the outline of the seat hole is clear on the underside of the lid where splashback occurred and was never cleaned.  I then realize that I probably have a similar outline on my toilet seat lid.  That's when I started drinking.

So thanks Hollywood.  I really needed the reminder that I'm a fat, lazy, slob.  I'll get right onto fixing that.  Just as soon as I finish this beer.

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