Saturday, 23 May 2009



One of the reasons I wanted to reboot my blog was to give me a consistent spot to write about the scotches I’ve tried.  It’s gotten to the point where I can run across what I think is an unsampled bottle, get it home, then realize I’ve had it before and it was complete shite.  Thankfully, I can kick this category off with a winner.

Tormore is a Speyside single malt that I ran across at a great Kitchener LCBO near where my sister used to live years ago.  I had it that once, loved it, but never saw it again.  A friend of mine saw it at the Heathrow Duty Free and couriered it across the pond for me.  Hopefully she can be a regular mule because this stuff is delicious.  At $50-$60 for a 12 year old litre bottle, this is a bargain in these days of climbing scotch prices.  I’ve found Speyside malts to be smooth without exception but the Tormore brings a bolder initial taste with a heavier woody taste than other Speysides.  Aroma is subtle so the initial slug of flavour is a surprise and the clean finish lets you relish that flavour without introducing any distractions.

A champ. 4 shots!

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