Saturday, 30 May 2009

Stanley Cup Finals – Game #1


Some random thoughts from the first game of the 2009 Stanley Cup Final Round:

  • First, I’d just like to say how sad and disappointed I am that neither of this year’s Stanley Cup finalists is the Ottawa Senators.  The league should definitely look into this.
  • To all the commentators who predicted the passing of the dynasty torch from Detroit to Pittsburgh a la NY Islanders to the Edmonton Oilers….no
  • Where the hell was Crosby?  Malkin was just as successful but at least I saw him trying.  The only time I noticed Crosby was when he was complaining to the ref.
  • Al Strachan does not belong on TV.  Please return him to the Toronto Sun where his opinions can do no harm.
  • I thought I saw a giant penis between the players benches.  I changed the channel to NBC and, sure enough, there was Pierre Mcguire.  The NHL has no hope in the States if that’s the best they can do for colour commentating.
  • Can’t blame Fleury.  If the Penguins decide they want to make a change in net, Ottawa should grab this kid.  Did kind of lose his mind near the end there.
  • Hopefully Pittsburgh can come back with some belly-fire tomorrow.  The first two rounds of the playoffs were so great, I’d hate to see it end with another sweep.

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