Sunday, 31 May 2009

Stanley Cup Finals - Game #2


Some random thoughts from the second game of the 2009 Stanley Cup Final Round:

  • The CBC really seems to love Don Cherry.  I mean LOVES Don Cherry.
  • Finally figured out what the new Hockey Night in Canada theme song reminds me of: MacGyver's opening credits.
  • Abdelkader is a funny name.  Every time Jim Hughson says it, I think an o.b. commercial has interrupted the game.
  • Detroit loves to score.  They just need to be a little more selective on which net they score on.
  • Meh.  I stopped paying attention after the second period.  Hopefully home ice gives Pittsburgh some mojo.  Otherwise...yawn.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Stanley Cup Finals – Game #1


Some random thoughts from the first game of the 2009 Stanley Cup Final Round:

  • First, I’d just like to say how sad and disappointed I am that neither of this year’s Stanley Cup finalists is the Ottawa Senators.  The league should definitely look into this.
  • To all the commentators who predicted the passing of the dynasty torch from Detroit to Pittsburgh a la NY Islanders to the Edmonton Oilers….no
  • Where the hell was Crosby?  Malkin was just as successful but at least I saw him trying.  The only time I noticed Crosby was when he was complaining to the ref.
  • Al Strachan does not belong on TV.  Please return him to the Toronto Sun where his opinions can do no harm.
  • I thought I saw a giant penis between the players benches.  I changed the channel to NBC and, sure enough, there was Pierre Mcguire.  The NHL has no hope in the States if that’s the best they can do for colour commentating.
  • Can’t blame Fleury.  If the Penguins decide they want to make a change in net, Ottawa should grab this kid.  Did kind of lose his mind near the end there.
  • Hopefully Pittsburgh can come back with some belly-fire tomorrow.  The first two rounds of the playoffs were so great, I’d hate to see it end with another sweep.


wall-e-human Yah, so I'm warming up to the weekend, getting ready to kick it all off with some boat shopping.  Of course, I can't just go from zero to 60 right away, so I'm easing into it, sitting in my recliner, netbook perched on my gut as I'm checking the goings-on of the world, researching boats, and drinking my coffee.  In the background, Wall-E provides some pretty colors and random noises on the TV.  At one point I look up and see that we're at the point of Wall-E where we get to see the future humans and the disgusting way they live their lives.  This hit WAY too close to home.  I get it Pixar!  I need to get off my ass!  Assholes.


Anyways, it was an effective motivator and out the door I went.  It was a frustrating day.  Didn't get a boat and didn't get my golf game in due to rain.  So I get home and start watching The Big Lebowski to kill some time before the hockey game starts.  Up pops this scene with The Dude getting a swirley from the rug pissers.  As he explains that they've got the wrong Lebowski, he points out he's obviously not married cause the toilet seat is up.  As he points that out, he flips the seat down and the outline of the seat hole is clear on the underside of the lid where splashback occurred and was never cleaned.  I then realize that I probably have a similar outline on my toilet seat lid.  That's when I started drinking.

So thanks Hollywood.  I really needed the reminder that I'm a fat, lazy, slob.  I'll get right onto fixing that.  Just as soon as I finish this beer.

Friday, 29 May 2009

So long Maggie…could you take Pierre with you?


Man, I just found out that this was Maggie’s last year making playoff picks on TSN.  Without a doubt, the most talented, charismatic, engaging, and knowledgeable personality on that network.  It seems like just yesterday she won that job by beating Tie Domi in three consecutive rounds of tic-tac-toe.  All the best Maggie!  You will be missed.


Equally disappointing was the news that the giant penis often seen between players benches on TSN broadcast games did NOT get the general manager job in Minnesota.  So there’s no reason not to expect him to be back on the broadcast team next year.  Thanks a lot Minnesota.  Couldn’t take one for the team, eh?

Monday, 25 May 2009


Hey, three cheers for bad timing and missed opportunities.  F me.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Scotch Tasting Companion

pm_sfchocalmonds A couple years ago, some friends and I decided to snob it up and have a scotch tasting get together.  The question was asked “What goes with scotch?”.  After much head scratching and googling, we came up with smelly cheese and smelly fish.  This went better than expected but I still looked for that perfect tasting companion.  And I’ve found it.  Believe it or not, chocolate covered almonds combine with any single malt to create a taste that’s greater than the sum of its parts.  And in the case of Islay malts, completely overcomes the peaty, salty, jock strap taste.  Give it a try.



I do not like the Islay malts.

I do not like their many faults.

I do not like the taste of peat.

I do not like the smell of feet.

But hey, it was free.  As my dope rhymes indicate, I’m not a fan of the peaty, Islay malts.  You can literally taste the mossy lichen it was strained through and the sea water that serves as the base.  I’m under the impression that this attitude will deny me membership in the elite club of Single Malt Snobbery but so be it.  I likes what I likes and this ain’t it.  There was one bottle of Lagavulin (an older, more expensive bottle) that won me over with it’s character but even that one had the slight aftertaste of a sailor’s gym sock.  This Bowmore is all gym sock.

Blech.  1 shot.

Haileybury – No Score

First 9 holes in Haileybury this year.  Got out early to beat the crowd and was done by 9:15.  The greens are in great shape but there’s some construction going on some holes.  The greens are tricky.  It might not look like it when you’re up close, but everything does slide towards the lake.  Chips within 20-50 yards of the green really let me down but really happy with the new driver.  Hole 6 is still torture.  Gave myself a pass for this frist round but I think I averaged double-bogey golf.

Saturday, 23 May 2009



One of the reasons I wanted to reboot my blog was to give me a consistent spot to write about the scotches I’ve tried.  It’s gotten to the point where I can run across what I think is an unsampled bottle, get it home, then realize I’ve had it before and it was complete shite.  Thankfully, I can kick this category off with a winner.

Tormore is a Speyside single malt that I ran across at a great Kitchener LCBO near where my sister used to live years ago.  I had it that once, loved it, but never saw it again.  A friend of mine saw it at the Heathrow Duty Free and couriered it across the pond for me.  Hopefully she can be a regular mule because this stuff is delicious.  At $50-$60 for a 12 year old litre bottle, this is a bargain in these days of climbing scotch prices.  I’ve found Speyside malts to be smooth without exception but the Tormore brings a bolder initial taste with a heavier woody taste than other Speysides.  Aroma is subtle so the initial slug of flavour is a surprise and the clean finish lets you relish that flavour without introducing any distractions.

A champ. 4 shots!