Friday, 21 March 2008

New Beginning

angrybearMy last attempt at a blog was more an experiment in web design.  Started with Frontpage because it was easy, then did a half-hearted transfer to a hand-crafted presentation, and was just getting into a css driven layout when I decided to shake up my life and there wasn't so much time for web design.  In any case, The Angrybear still holds a special place in my heart and contains some humorous moments from my life.  But it's time to move on and moving on to a more sophisticated blogging framework so I can concentrate more on writing and less on the actual html.  It did take me a couple years to decide on a theme that suited me but hopefully now that I've got things sorted out the way I like, it will be nothing but updates from here on out.  We'll see how far this one goes...

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